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Deadgirl Among Huge New Terror Hotties To Be


(Jenny Spain)

Trent Haaga has always sort of given me the whim-whams ever since I saw him in super-reprehensible Suburban Nightmare, so it’s not a surprise that I’m leery of one of his newest projects, Deadgirl.

Deadgirl gives a push to the terror hottie status of Jenny Spain, playing a girl changed to a table in an abandoned hospital’s basement.  She’s found by buddies Ricky and JT, who decide that they’d really like to have a girl around the house to take care of their…needs.  Especially since she seems to have a surprising resistance to things like bullets—it’s always handy to have someone around the house who can handle getting shot repeatedly.

The big problem with Deadgirl is, apparently, that audiences will wonder if teenage boys are so hard up that they’ll start banging corpses.  Considering that we’ve already watched teenage boys bang anything up to and including FRUIT PIES, I really don’t think that’s going to be the problem.  No, my guess is that audiences are going to be just absolutely revolted by NON STOP NECROPHILIA.  I can always count on Haaga to pull the absolute dumbest nonsense with his work—only reason he hasn’t made my top five is that there’s actually worse out there, and Haaga pieces never go really far or get a lot of exposure.  So, yes, a few hundred people are in for a horrible shock as they watch a kid repeatedly hump a corpse-girl to get his jollies.  But only a few hundred, so as atrocities go, this is less a Holocaust and more a Beirut barracks massacre.

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