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Victoria de Mare Back In Rare Film

As if Spark Riders weren’t enough, Victoria de Mare will be giving me even more reason to look forward to releases by teaming up with Debbie Rochon and the spectacular Tiffany Shepis in the first H.G. Lewis movie in six years.

It’s called Blood De Madam: The Fallen Ones, and it keeps the plot under pretty tight wraps thus far (I’ve found nothing resembling a synopsis yet).  It’s also definitely got me wondering.

H.G. Lewis’s body of work is concentrated almost exclusively before 1980.  Reading through his filmography on the IMDB basically shows a clean terminator between when he worked and when he didn’t.  Aside from one other title, Blood De Madam: The Fallen Ones would be his first title in almost thirty years.

It’s enough to make me wonder why he’s coming out with a movie at this stage of the game.  He’s regarded as something like a legend in the filmmaking game but he’s been out of play for almost the last thirty years.  I confess to some interest at this point—how can I not? It was like when Romero came back!—but also to some trepidation.  Thirty years of time have changed the landscape of horror filmmaking considerably.  Does he have a script that can handle the changes?  We’ll have to wait and see.

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