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Unborn Sins: Is It Too Late To Abort The Script?

Terror hotties Clovia Lawrence and Michele L. Harris give us one of the worst ideas for a horror flick I’ve seen since the last time I heard Eli Roth was still working. A lady named Theresa has decided to take the huge step that is aborting her unborn child, and following the procedure, she finds herself the target of the most terrifying killer of all—her unborn child. Apparently, someone laid some kind of evil reanimation spell on said fetus that turned it evil and ambulatory and sent it out to kill the mother.

I think I can whip out the phrase “patently repugnant”—this is just a horrible idea, and frankly, I hope it fails, just as a warning to everybody else. For crying out loud—this is a serious issue here, with people on both sides equally divided, and what happens? Some moron comes along and turns the whole thing into horror movie fodder.


And you’ll get to see just how bad an idea this is—assuming you even want to—in July.

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