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Mischa Barton Gives Us More Scares With Malice


Mischa Barton is back for more horror, ladies and gentlemen, as she’s slated for a staring role in “Malice in Wonderland”, which doesn’t have much of a plot synopsis available yet but apparently will be a retelling of the Alice in Wonderland series shot and set exclusively in Northeastern England.  Principal shooting begins next month, but what really amazes me about all this is not the shooting location or Mischa Barton, but the fact that Marina Fuentes of 6Sales has managed to already sell the film for worldwide distribution.

Yes, you’re reading that right–Fuentes is apparently so spectacularly skillful that she sold a film that technically doesn’t exist yet.  They might well not have even had a trailer yet to show, but still, Fuentes managed to presell the whole shooting match before day one of shooting.  And that means something, I’d say.

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