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Dead Shadows Gets A New Teaser

A little shot of French horror comes our way with Dead Shadows, and of course, we’ll also get terror hotties to boot here in the form of Gwendolyn Gourvenec. And the trailer, as well as the plot itself, all makes things look like we’re going to be in for a pretty sweet ride indeed.

Dead Shadows follows a young man named Chris, whose parents were killed when Halley’s Comet made its big appearance. And now, eleven years later, a new comet is showing up. While most of the people around Chris are looking forward to a party to welcome the comet, Chris can’t quite get in the party mood. And things get worse when the comet makes some changes to the folks on Earth, and not for the better. A relatively unaffected Chris is left to survive in the midst of the horde, but he’ll have a little help from some of the other folks in his apartment building.

The trailer’s looking pretty sweet, and I’m still very eager to find out how this one turns out. Hopefully we’ll get to see this one sooner rather than later, and you know where to keep it for all the latest news on this one.

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