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God Bless America Scary For Variety Of Reasons

p>God Bless America managed to pick up distribution from the TIFF show back last September, and the folks at Magnolia, who got their hands on it, have a nice release schedule in the works for it. But this one’s going to be pretty scary stuff for a variety of reasons.

God Bless America, featuring newly-minted terror hottie Tara Lynne Barr, follows Frank, a man who’s just plain old had enough of America’s collapse into the crevasse of stupidity, incivility and greed. Frank, therefore, sets out to kill all the worst that America has to offer: the stupid, the cruel, and the just plain old repugnant. And when he’s joined by Roxy, a 16 year old girl who shares his sentiments, things get even worse…for the stupid, the cruel and the just plain old repugnant.

Like I said, this is scary for several reasons. One, it heavily features a lot of violence, as well as the musical stylings of Marilyn Manson. And it’s also written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Yes, the guy who spent most of the eighties acting like he was having a non-stop embolism.

Still though, that’s got me sufficiently interested, and this one will be hitting limited theaters May 11th, with a video on demand release April 6th. I’m looking forward to it, especially considering the variety of factors going into this one.

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