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True Blood Fifth Season Gets New Promo

We know full well that True Blood is jam packed with terror hotties, starting with Anna Paquin and running right down a hefty list from there. And now, they’re kicking off a whole new season with some big promotional material.

In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever. At least, that’s what the fifth season premise is going on, which in turn relates back to the exhumation of Russell Edgington, nearly three millennia old former vampire king of Mississippi. Current word says that the new season will boast the removal of fully 50 percent more shirts than the previous, so you can tell that this one’s likely to go up on the “hot” and “sexy” scales, no matter which direction your terror hottie fondness runs.

There’s no word as yet as to when the fifth season will actually launch, but it’s a fair bet that there will be plenty of people looking forward to catching this one. Though I’ve heard some stirrings that suggest some are getting tired of the vampire antics after four seasons, so we may be in at the end on this one. Keep it right here for all the latest, as there will no doubt be plenty of news to pass on before it gets started.

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