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Ellen Hollman Shows Us How Scary True Love Can Be

p>A little something Italian comes our way today, folks, with word of True Love coming soon to fully 11 markets. And with a terror hottie like Ellen Hollman (who will be featured heavily throughout the next season of Spartacus) involved, it’s clear that this will be scary and lovely alike.

True Love brings us together with Kate and Jack, newlyweds with secrets they haven’t even told each other yet. But one day, they suddenly wake up in a sealed room together–no doors, no windows, no nothing–which is bare except a series of images projected on the walls, and a monitor with two buttons on it: “yes” and “no”. The monitor then asks a series of questions which they are to answer via the monitor, and all those secrets are about to come out. In spades.

Considering how much mobility this one’s had sales-wise, it’s probably a good bet to say it’ll be coming soon to your neck of the woods, no matter where that particular neck happens to be. I’m eager to see how this one turns out, myself; it might be a pretty good time. But hopefully it will turn out as well as the plot suggests it might.

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