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Compound Fracture Gives Us Terror Hotties & Familiar Faces

Here’s a bit of surprising news for you, folks, as the newest Michael Myers–Tyler Mane–started a production company that has brought on the newest Jason Voorhees–Derek Mears–in the upcoming release Compound Fracture.

And you know we wouldn’t be talking about this without terror hotties, and there will be plenty here in Susan Angelo and Renae Geerlings. But the plot, meanwhile, takes us out to the Silna family, who have seen better days. Michael Silna, in fact, just got custody of his nephew, after his sister was murdered by her husband. Michael in turn takes his wife and nephew to his father’s house, who is in the process of building a compound that is safe by every possible measure, even the crazy measures. But when he gets there, he finds the compound his father built is about to be more like a death trap.

I’m looking forward to this one myself, if for no other reason than I’m hoping for loads of amateur mechanical engineering and booby traps aplenty to be in that compound. No word yet on when it releases, but the profoundly screwed up trailer that’s out for this one gives me plenty of reason to look forward to it. So keep it right here for all the latest.

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