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Jug Face To Feature Plenty Of Terror Hotties

Nothing like having a few good terror hotties on hand, and Moderncine’s next title will have more than its share. But what they’ll be involved in should be interesting to say the least when Jug Face makes its appearance.

Jug Face follows a teenage girl who’s got some pretty substantial problems–she’s pregnant. And this is bad enough for any teenage girl until you consider who the baby’s father is: her own brother. And this incestuous union isn’t even the half of her problems, when, as she tries to escape the backwoods nowhere where she lives (and would you, if your brother were your baby’s father?) she discovers that she’s about to be sacrificed to some kind of monstrousity that lives in a pit in the woods.

Featuring Lauren Ashley Carter and Sean Young, there’s more than enough terror hottie in here for anyone, but man, will they ever be doing some weird and creepy stuff. They’re only just starting to shoot this one, so we’ll likely have plenty of good news on this one before too much longer has passed, so keep it right here for all the latest.

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