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New Egg Room Stills Emerge For Prometheus

The terror hottie packed presentation of Prometheus, the upcoming Alien prequel, rolls on apace, and with only a few months to go until release, we’re getting a look at something extra special. Seems that new stills have emerged featuring our Xenomorph buddies in no less than the full on egg room.

Featuring Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Kate Dickey in the terror hottie slots, Prometheus takes us out to the edges of the known universe, where a group of explorers are about to come across something bigger than they ever imagined: life.The problem, of course, is just what kind of life it is that’s coming out, and the threat it poses not only to our brave band of explorers, but also to every inhabited planet they left behind them.

Sounds like some good stuff to me, I’d say, and I”m certainly looking forward to seeing how it all turns out when this one hits theaters June 8th. Should be a great opening note for a summer movie season that will, no doubt, be packed full of titles.l

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