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The Pact Gets Distribution Through IFC Midnight

If you were thinking that The Pact, featuring Agnes Brucker and Kathleen Rose Perkins in the terror hottie slots, was looking pretty good but you couldn’t get out to Sundance to check it out yourself, well, then I’ve got some news here that will definitely put a punch in your day–it’s got distribution, and through a source that should make you very happy: IFC Midnight.

The Pact follows a woman whose mother has recently passed on. And she’s come back to her old childhood home to settle the estate and try and get some closure. But her old childhood home is about as welcoming as her old childhood, and her old childhood was no great shakes in its own right. Things only get worse when she discovers that she’s not alone in that childhood home of hers, and what’s in there with her is a whole lot nastier than anything her childhood could summon up. But will she survive the trip home?

Sounds pretty good to me, I’d say–I definitely want to see what she’s got waiting for her back home–and though we don’t know just when this one will be coming out, having IFC Midnight involved is a great step. So keep it right here for all the latest on The Pact and everything else that makes its way to stores!

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