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The Raven Lands A New Poster, Heavy On The Red

If you’re looking forward to the latest Edgar Allen Poe excursion into our theaters known as The Raven, you won’t have much longer to wait. And even better, there’s a new poster out underscoring this one.

Featuring Alice Eve in the main terror hottie slot, The Raven follows Edgar Allen Poe, who’s got a pretty big problem on his hands. Someone’s going around killing people in much the same style that his characters do in his various books and short stories. That would generally put most anyone on ground zero with the local constabulary, except Edgar’s taken a lot of the weight off by working with the cops. Though he may have just moved the weight onto his fiancee, who’s been kidnapped by the killer and about to take her for his next victim. Can Edgar save his bride to be? Or will his stories start getting even more depressing?

The poster is a little heavy on the red, but still looks pretty sweet. And even better, we’ll be able to check out just how the whole thing turns out when this hits theaters April 27th, 2012. I’m personally looking forward to this one myself; a little shot of the literary mixed in with some good old fashioned horror / suspense sounds like a thrill. But hopefully, it will hold out against expectations.

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