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Red Lights Gets A Fresh Clip

For those of you looking forward to the grand resurgence of big names like Robert De Niro, Cillian Murphy, and of course, terror hottie Sigourney Weaver with Red Lights, we have a treat to announce for you: a fresh clip, and it’s looking pretty sweet at that.

By way of recap, Red Lights joins a pair of paranormal investigators as they descend on what they believe will be their newest colossal fraud, so-called psychic Simon Silver. Silver’s been out of the game for the last thirty years, but he’s putting it all on the line in a big challenge to every debunker and skeptic out there, including our two paranormal investigators. And what Simon Silver’s got to show is going to be some impressive–and dangerous–stuff indeed.

Sound good to anyone else? I’m certainly liking the sound of it–De Niro’s horror career has been sorely underrated (I liked Hide And Seek just fine myself) and bringing in Murphy and Weaver is only an improvement from there. No word as yet on release dates, so keep it right here for all the latest, but this one should be a thrill when it finally makes it into wide release. It just had its premiere out at Sundance, so hopefully distribution isn’t too far behind.

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