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Cassadaga Gets A New Poster

Cassadaga’s been steadily moving forward since we first heard about it some months ago, and even better, a whole new poster has shown up. This time around, they’ve dialed it back a bit, but it’s still got a nice scary profile to it.

Cassadaga follows Lily Morel, who’s having a rough time of things lately. In fact, her sister died recently, and as such, she’s looking for a little solace to get her through. She falls in with Cassadaga, a spiritualist community, but what she doesn’t expect is a vengeful ghost haunting Cassadaga, victim of a serial killer known as Geppetto due to his…unique…style of murder. And that vengeful ghost wants payback…but who will be the victim?

Featuring Louise Fletcher and Amy LoCicero, among others, Cassadaga doesn’t have much in the way of a release date yet, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for it. Still though, this could be a pretty sweet piece of movie, based on the trailer and what we’ve seen of the posters of it so far. You’ll want to keep it right here, though, for all the news that comes out on this one between now and then.

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