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Bai Ling and Amber Benson Getting Shifted


(Bai Ling)

Anyone remember Bai Ling?  You know, that really hot chick from Wild Wild West who kept Will Smith “occupied” for all of about thirty seconds before he shot everybody in the room?  Yeah, I know you remember her.

Now, anyone remember Amber Benson?  That hot chick who played Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but also shot the film Intermedio entirely on a broken leg?  The guys behind that one wanted her involved so badly that they rewrote the script to accommodate Benson’s broken leg.

Now, picture the two coming together around a movie called Shifter, featuring a mob hitman who can transform into various were-creatures.  Yeah, I know…it sounds great, doesn’t it?  Even better, the mob hitman will actually manage to face something worse than himself, sent to kill him by a rival mob boss.

(Bai Ling)

(Amber Benson)

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