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Claire Holt: A Messenger to Return to Sender

If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of the time watching The Messengers wondering just what happened to the family that owned the farm before our new arrivals.  And now, thanks to Ghost House, you’ll get a chance to find out what happened to those poor souls.

Though sadly, you may not want to.

Thankfully, while the movie itself doesn’t look to be anything resembling good—apparently the problems at the farm will have something to do with a killer scarecrow of some sort—we’ll get to spend some time with terror hottie Claire Holt, and that may well help things.

But I’m still stuck on the problems with the plot.  Scarecrows??  Come on–that’s almost exactly what the plot of several other films was.  I remember Dark Harvest…not that I want too, mind you, but it’s pretty much seared into my brain.  There are entirely too many direct to video horror titles revolving around scarecrows for anyone’s own good, and frankly, The Messengers 2 should not be one of them.  I guess that’s why Ghost House had to drag the shoot all the way to freaking BULGARIA, because it’s not like it’s wanted over here.  It only just got started shooting, too, so it could be months before we get a look at it.

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One Comments on “Claire Holt: A Messenger to Return to Sender”

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    Just curious. How can Scarecrows be “the plot” of a movie? Or several other movies? Just curious. Does that mean the plot of 30 Days of Night is “vampires”? Perhaps you could define plot for all us less knowledgeable people. :)

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