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Bag Of Bones Gets Fresh Spots Ahead Of Release

It’s always something of a surprise to see another Stephen King adaptation crop up these days. It used to be that you’d see another one ever year or so, even some of the bigger ones. And now, another fresh adaptation will find its way to us soon with Bag of Bones, and there are plenty of terror hotties in here like Melissa George and Annabeth Gish.

Bag of Bones follows a novelist who heads out into the middle of nowhere following the death of his wife. And when he gets out into said middle of nowhere, he’s going to have a strange set of problems on his hands. He’s going to walk squarely into the midst of the most bizarre custody case he’s ever seen. And this is only what’s on the surface, as the problems will get much stranger the deeper in we go.

I used to wait on pins and needles, every spring, as ABC prepared its newest installment of a Stephen King adaptation. It, The Tommyknockers, even The Langoliers all presented a new and peachy multi-night surprise, even though most of the time I’d have to record it as it would often kick off on a school night. But still, another shot is a very welcome treat, even if this one’s hitting in late fall. You’ll be able to see this one December 11th and 12th on A&E.

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