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Faces In The Crowd Gets Two New Clips

A pair of new clips emerge for one of Milla Jovovich’s newest movie, Faces in the Crowd, and based on the contents of said clips, this one’s looking pretty nice indeed.

Faces In The Crowd follows a woman who’s just survived the psychopathic advances of Tearjerk Jack, a serial killer. But the woman hasn’t gotten off unscathed–she’s been hit with “face blindness”, a condition in which she can’t recognize anyone’s face. Including, not surprisingly, Tearjerk Jack’s. And Jack’s come back to finish the job, but she has absolutely no idea who he is. So now she’s going to have to fend off a man she’s never met before…that she knows of.

It’s a clever concept, no mistake there, but how will it come off? Well, we’ll find out soon enough–this comes out Tuesday, October 25th, on video store shelves everywhere. Hopefully they can match the sheer uniqueness of the plot with quality execution and really blow everyone’s mind.

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