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Gillian Anderson–Unquestionably Terror Hottie


So here’s one for the Out of Left Field department–Gillian Anderson, the no-nonsense counterpart to wackjob Spooky Mulder on the venerated TV series (and two movies!) The X-Files, recently had a featured spread in Maxim magazine.

Now, being able to apply the phrase “Maxim Hottie” to terror hottie Gillian Anderson is no small delight, and indeed, a mark of more superficial success on her part.  We’ve long known Anderson had solid acting chops, but seeing her celebrated for her physical attractiveness is just as fulfilling, albeit in a totally different way.

Think about that for a minute.  She’s a terror hottie–being Dana Scully for as long as she was qualifies you by SHEER ENDURANCE.  She hosted Masterpiece Theatre.  She was in Last King of Scotland.  She’s been an actor, a director, a writer, a voice actor, and everything in between and now, amazingly, she’s a MAXIM HOTTIE.

For anyone out there who still thinks that the concept of the terror hottie is some kind of chauvinist-driven design, then I point you squarely at Gillian Anderson, tell you unequivocally that SHE is a terror hottie, and that if you don’t believe it, then there truly is no hope for you.

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