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Black Waters Features Familiar Terror Hotties

Anyone who was interested in catching the April ninth release–albeit the extremely LIMITED April ninth release–of Black Waters of Echo’s Pond in theaters will be profoundly happy to know that there will be a TON of terror hotties in this run.

Anytime you get the Babysitter Twins Electra and Elise Avellan together in a movie along with Danielle Harris of Halloween fame, you know you’ve got your terror hottie quotient MORE than accounted for.

There are those who describe this as a “satanic Jumanji”, and they’re probably not too far wrong.? Basically, a bunch of friends discover an old game in the basement of a Victorian house on a private island, and, not surprisingly, it turns them all evil.

The poster has been released, and it’s a little on the cheesy side with a big demon-face bursting out of the surface of some really dark water.

But still, the plot at least sounds like it might hold some water, and the cast list is definitely one to keep a watch for.? It hits theaters April sixth, if you’re up for it and can find it.

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