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Bitten. Shy?

Erica Cox joins Jason Mewes (boy, who knew he still had a career?  Who knew he didn’t need to be attached in lamprey fashion to Kevin Smith’s ass in order to live?) in upcoming vampire movie Bitten.  In Bitten, a paramedic rescues a woman left for dead.  After she refuses to go to the hospital, the paramedic instead nurses her back to health and his own house and inevitably falls in love with her.  Before too much longer she’s suffering withdrawal symptoms, and the paramedic is stunned to find his new love is a drug addict.

But when he comes home and finds a corpse drained of blood on his living room floor, he learns it’s not drugs she’s addicted to.

So you can tell something interesting’s going on.  Will our paramedic friend be raiding the blood bank for his new beloved?  Or latching onto the recently dead to get his girl her fix?  Or…will HE be her next dish?

Creepy, and for a vampire movie, unsettlingly fun!  Sadly, no word on release dates but when I know it, you will!

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