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Rachael Leigh Cook In Massive Knockoff

Put Rachael Leigh Cook together with Hope Lewis and match them up against a raging hooker killer and what do you have? A strangely familiar movie by the looks of things.

It’s called The Lodger, and it’s all about that raging hooker killer, being trailed by a detective along West Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Strip. If it’s starting to sound familiar, it’s because it is–turns out that raging hooker killer is killing JUST LIKE Jack the Ripper used to back in nineteenth-century London. And even worse, the detective trailing the raging hooker killer notices that the killing style of our raging hooker killer is almost exactly the same as that of a serial killer locked up several years ago. So maybe, just maybe, that guy currently in lockup wasn’t really responsible to begin with.

So basically it’s a mammoth knockoff of Jack the Ripper with some fluff added. Scuse me if I’m really not too enthusiastic about this one.

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