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Raging Misogyny Order of Day For Devil’s Dungeon

A little dose of misogyny this time around, gentle readers…which is sad, because terror hotties deserve better. And there are plenty of terror hotties—try Marieh Delfino, Eve Mauro and Alice Amter just for starters!—in upcoming release The Devil’s Dungeon.

The plot is relatively simple enough—chances are you’ve heard this plotline before elsewhere at least three or four times. A single mother working as a stripper (which is really not a terrible idea; I’m told they can make a mint) is invited by a friend to take her place working a private party. The private party pays extremely well, and thus, single mom is not about to turn it down. Of course, the problem is that the private party is a trap, orchestrated by a psychopath with a grudge against—single mothers? Nope, you already saw it coming: his grudge is against strippers.

Kudos to those of you who made Dan Quayle jokes. Or Sarah Palin jokes!

But anyway…isn’t this the kind of thing we left in the dust back in the late eighties? Isn’t this the kind of thing Andy Sidaris beat into the ground? Do we really need yet another movie about psychopaths and strippers?

The answer, of course, is probably not. But the even sadder part of the answer is that we’ll probably keep getting them anyway.

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