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Chloe Snyder Toplines Claustrophobia

Well, when you get a movie with a title like Claustrophobia, it’s hard not to take it at least a little seriously. And when you throw in a terror hottie like Chloe Snyder, well, things only get better from there.

Claustrophobia follows Tim, a deaf man for whom life is not so bad as you might think. He may not have his hearing, but he has most everything else a man could want. A beautiful girlfriend, a house in the country…everything’s great, until the neighbors show up with a survey that says he’s trespassing on their property. And unless he can fix the trespass in four days, the house will be sold at auction. And that’s only the beginning of the horror. But our boy Tim has a few tricks up his sleeve, but will they be sufficient to save his house…and his life as he knows it?

Love the thought of this one; it’s certainly not like anything I’ve ever seen before. But we likely won’t see how this one ends up any time soon, as it’s still on the festival circuit. Hopefully this one will land a distributor soon so we can see just how it all looks, because there’s nothing like a movie that goes for originality.

Terror Hotties Learn From The Mistakes Of The Past

If you’re desperate for a terror hottie fix you could do quite a bit worse than Copycat, a new movie about a serial killer who takes all his cues from serial killers of the past. By now, you may be burned out on serial killer movies — especially considering the recent run of Ulli Lommel serial killer pictures that are little more than repetitive, exploitative garbage foisted on us by Lions Gate — and you do have good reason to be.

But the difference is, Copycat actually at least tries to do a decent job with its selected source material. It’s actually somewhat interesting, in that as the serial killer is hunted by a journalist, the serial killer also hunts the journalist, so you have sort of a two pronged hunting system going back and forth in which both of them get closer to each other by lengths.

This one I have seen, and despite the addition of terror hottie Chloe Snyder, it’s nothing really worth writing home about, but it’s also nothing that’ll make you regret renting it either. And in this day and age, mediocrity isn’t all that bad.

Get Your Kicks on Donner Pass

Chloe Snyder and Elizabeth Brissenden both will be showing up in the new indie horror flick Necrosis, and that should give you reason enough to cheer. But just in case you’re one of those sorts who has to have a good story with their minimum daily requirement of terror hottie goodness, worry not. Because Necrosis has a real doozy attached to it.

Check out the plot on this beauty: Six friends are off to a cabin out in the middle of Nowhere Mountain country–except as it turns out they’re actually near Donner Pass. How do we know? Because in the midst of their vacation, they’re going to be attacked by the ghosts of the Donner Party. And these cannibal ghosts aren’t a bit happy about having their whole eternity schtick interrupted.

Interestingly, there will be some question as to whether or not they’re actually being attacked by ghosts, or rather, hallucinations brought on by being in Middle Of Nowhere Mountain Country.

So you’ve got a definite terror hottie concept here, with plenty of decent plot, so I’d say we’ve got plenty of reason to look forward to Necrosis!