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Katie Aselton’s Black Rock Gets Its Sundance Premiere

Interested in watching a terror hottie get her start as a director? Then you’ll want to check out Black Rock when it makes its appearance, because it will feature exactly that. And even better, she won’t be alone on the terror hottie part of things either.

Featuring Kate Bosworth along side Aselton, Black Rock follows three childhood friends who go off for a weekend of catching up on an island. But the island isn’t as deserted as they thought it was, and that which is waiting for their arrival may not be too interested in letting them leave in one piece.

Word is that the premiere went extremely well, with a variety of distributors in the hunt for it until it landed distribution with LD Entertainment, who in turn reportedly beat out several other possible candidates including Gold Circle, Lions Gate, Magnolia and IFC, all big names in indie in their own right. Current word says this may hit by the end of the year, so keep it right here for all the latest news on this one.

Total Recall Remake To Feature Some Familiar Moments

For those of you who were concerned, like me, about the Total Recall remake looking virtually nothing like its predecessor, you’ll have some reason for good cheer thanks to some word from Len Wiseman, who said that some of the original’s “iconic moments” would be back in the remake.

Featuring Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel on the terror hottie front (not to mention one of my personal favorite actors, Bryan Cranston), this time we’re not going to Mars, but rather pitting Euromerica and New Shanghai against each other, and our old boy Douglas Quaid finds himself in the midst of Euromerica wondering if he’s a spy…and for whom. The rest of the film will have him trying to figure out just who he’s really working for, if anyone.

Not too far off from the original, I suppose, though they should have left well enough alone, I’d say. The original was some pretty good stuff, so why not stick to the original formula? While we don’t know just what moments from the original will be coming back, it will be kind of interesting to keep an eye out for them, little Easter eggs for the longtime fans. Keep it here for all the latest on this one, which is set to hit August 3rd.

Underworld Awakening Gets Heavy Selene Presence

With January 20th rapidly approaching, and Kate Beckinsale about to make a big box office splash with her resurgence as Selene the Death Dealer in the upcoming release of Underworld: Awakening, it’s not too big a surprise to see some fresh posters with her all over them, and a couple of them have just emerged.

Underworld: Awakening follows our girl Selene, who’s been out of the vampire / Lycan war for some time now, and in the intervening space, things have changed. She’s got a daughter now, and the vampire / Lycan war has a third side, namely, humanity. And humanity isn’t as disadvantaged in this fight as you might think. Indeed, they’ve got some impressive new weapons to take on the bloodsuckers and the fangfaces alike (and I hope they’re using those terms), but just who will come out on top, well, that’s anyone’s guess.

The posters look duly impressive and highly martial, which underscores the fact that we’ll be getting some good old fashioned horror action, possibly with a little dystopia involved now that the human race is involved in what might be a fight for its survival. Either way, though, we’ll find out just how this all goes down in a couple weeks when this hits theaters.

Latest Underworld Trailer Pits Vampires Against Flamethrowers

Kate Beckinsale has really been tearing up the track on the whole Underworld thing, with the release of Underworld: Awakening set to hit theaters in a little under a month. And the new trailer is hot for a whole lot of reasons: one, Kate Beckinsale, and two, flamethrowers.

Underworld: Awakening takes us back to Selene the Death Dealer, who’s been out of the game for a while. She’s been sufficiently out of it, meanwhile, to not notice two important things: one, the vampire / Lycan war now has a third side in the form of humanity, and two, she has a daughter. And her daughter is a vampire / Lycan hybrid that may well tip the scales in somebody’s favor. But just who’s favor, well, remains to be seen.

The trailer is surprisingly impressive; frankly, I never much cared for the Underworld series, and this one actually looks like it could be pretty good. Of course, we’ll be keeping an eye out for this one right up to its launch in theaters January 20th.

Underworld Awakening Gets New Stills Showing Off Kate Beckinsale

New stills have emerged from the still-active production of Underworld: Awakening 3D, and one thing is quite clear from them, Kate Beckinsale is still every inch a terror hottie.

Beckinsale returns as Selene, a vampire warrior who finds herself in a very bad position. She’s escaped from prison only to discover that the metaphorical jig is up regarding the vampires and Lycans. Humanity has found out about the pair of them, and humanity doesn’t much like the thought of paranormal beings actually being alive. And having their own societies. And as such, humanity has decided to wage some serious war against the Lycans and vampires alike. And that’s going to leave both groups in some serious trouble.

I never watched much of the Underworld series, but even I have to admit that this sounds like some pretty good stuff. After all, you’re almost looking at some serious dystopian fare here and I’ve always been a sucker for the dystopian. This one comes out January 20th, 2012, so we’ll get to see how it all boils down in about two months.

New Poster Arrives For Underworld: Awakening

I’m clearly no one’s idea of a big Underworld fan, featuring Kate Beckinsale and India Eisley as the terror hotties, but even I have to admit the newest poster for it (which just emerged in the United States) is looking pretty sharp indeed.

The newest installment follows vampire soldier Selene as she escapes her recent imprisonment. Well, maybe not so recent, because the world she emerges into has changed substantially. Humans found out about vampires and Lycans alike, and have set out to wipe them out. Oh, and she’s got a kid, a daughter whom she’s decided to train up to serve as a warrior just like mommy.

A little strange, sure, but I always like a good bit of dystopian storytelling, and a society at war with vampires and werewolves sounds like it’s going to be a pretty dark future in its own right. This could be good stuff, and we’ll find out how it all comes out when it hits theaters January 20th, 2012.

Underworld: Awakening Gets The Biggest Screen Release

Those of you looking forward to Kate Beckinsale and India Eisley (who will be a terror hottie in the fullest sense by the time the movie hits theaters) in Underworld: Awakening, you’ll be happy to know that this  one is going to the biggest screen of all: IMAX.

Underworld: Awakening rejoins the world, with everyone’s favorite Death Dealer having been in a coma for fifteen years. But during that coma state, she apparently had a vampire / Lycan hybrid daughter that someone named Lyssa. And BioCom’s got plans to turn Lyssa into a race of super-powered Lycans to take out the vampire race.

This one will actually be out pretty soon, hitting theaters–and IMAX–January 20th, 2012. I was never terribly fond of the Underworld series, but this doesn’t sound too bad, actually. It’s good to see the vampires and Lycans (werewolves) have a common and very serious enemy, and hopefully this will end a lot better than the previous installments did. Keep it right here for all the news up until the release date.

Kate Beckinsale Coming Back For More Underworld

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(Kate Beckinsale)

It has been CONFIRMED, folks–so if it’s wrong don’t blame me–by the crew out at Variety that Kate Beckinsale will indeed be starring in the upcoming fourth installment of Underworld, slated to be released in 3D on January 21, 2011.

But all is not well in Beckinsale land. She doesn’t want to be there.? She wants OUT, in point of fact, and is frantically looking for one of two things:

1. A loophole in the contract that’ll let her leave gracefully, or

2. A way to get a smaller role that will in turn allow her to “pass the torch” on to a whole new action starlet, possibly related to her.

Yes, folks, seems Beckinsale’s trying to land a future career for one of her two daughters, and trying to do it by foisting them off on us mid-movie.? Ah well…at least in Underworld the vampires don’t sparkle, so we’ll have to accept that as good enough.

Whiteout Releases Behind The Scenes Clip

(Kate Beckinsale)

You’ll remember that Kate Beckinsale was the terror hottie of choice behind the chilly thriller Whiteout, which was in theaters a few months back and is about to hit DVD and Blu-ray.

Apparently, they’ve released a special behind the scenes clip for the sake of the DVD release.? Just in case you need a plot recap, this one was about US Marshal Carrie Stetko as she tried to solve a murder mystery at an Antarctic research station.

It’s a fairly interesting clip, but I don’t know why they didn’t release this one before it came out in theaters.? It might have done them more good to try and build buzz ahead of the theatrical release rather than the DVD release. Seems like it’d be too little too late to me.? Especially considering that Whiteout didn’t exactly get the warmest of receptions if you pardon a small joke.

Anyway, by the time you read this, the DVD and Blu-ray release of Whiteout will have hit, and you can catch the behind the scenes clip at any time.

Whiteout Moving Out—No Snow Until 2009

The Kate Beckinsale chilller—in every sense of the word—Whiteout seems to be suffering some serious calendar shift problems.  Originally slated to drop on DVD this September and give us all some relief from these flaming hot temperatures, the title has apparently been moved to April 24th of 2009.

I can’t help but agree with those who say this idea makes sense as very little promotional effort has gone into Whiteout so far, so dropping it in September would be a self-defeating move that would render the work and resources put into Whiteout pointless.

However I do confess to some disappointment—Whiteout looked like just what we were going to need just coming off a long hot summer like this one’s shaping up to be.  Especially considering we’re almost coming into the dog days of August I definitely could’ve used a burst of Kate Beckinsale chasing serial killers around the arctic.

There Really Is A Glamour Woman Of the Year Award

From the “Despite All Logic” file comes Kate Beckinsale winning Film Actress of the Year from the Glamour Women of the Year awards show in London, which stunned audiences by actually existing.

Seriously, has anyone even heard of this before today?  I certainly haven’t.  Granted, the last thing this world needs is another cheesy awards show so I’m truly grateful to Glamour for keeping this dreck off the air, but in all honesty I’ve never even heard of them.  Perhaps worse yet is who else won–halfassed talents like the Spice Girls and Kelly Osbourne, not to mention who didn’t win–really amazing ladies like Helena Bonham Carter.

This winds up being somewhat non-news to me, and would be completely useless if it weren’t for the fact that Kate Beckinsale gave us plenty of solid horror movies.

So kudos to Beckinsale for winning an award most of us have never even heard of, and hopefully to more horror flicks to come.

Whiteout–A Shot of Cold in the Summertime


September 19th may not be a really hot day–once you get into mid-September the weather sort of starts to realize that it’s getting close to fall and begins to act accordingly–but it’s likely to be at least close enough chronologically to hot weather that you’ll remember what hot feels like. Which is why you’ll be happy to hear that terror hottie Kate Beckinsale is going to cool us all down with a thriller at the bottom of the world in “Whiteout”.

Beckinsale will star as Carrie Stetko, the only U.S. Marshal in Antarctica, and she’s landed with both feet into the continent’s first ever murder. This happens three days before winter, and so Carrie’s got to find and apprehend the killer before the entire continent is plunged into pitch blackness and she’s stranded for months with the killer.

Which sounds like, if nothing else, it’ll be a chilly little film, great for those hot end-of-summer days September is so famous for. Definitely a good one to sneak out of work or take a slightly longer lunch break for.

No Beckinsale in Underworld


The Underworld franchise, already a load of steamy crap to begin with, has just lost its terror hottie drive. Kate Beckinsale will not be having any part of the upcoming movie, and frankly, that makes some sense. The next Underworld movie was slated to be a prequel from the beginning, so the chances that Beckinsale’s character was even involved in those events is an iffy situation to begin with.

But still, losing such a major portion of your appeal is a big blow, especially when you’re dealing with a positively lousy series like Underworld. They might have been pretty big, but tragically, they just couldn’t get the execution behind a halfway decent concept.

Without Kate Beckinsale involved, that just strikes me as a truly bad move. It might well be the last nail in the Underworld coffin.