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The Blind Leading The Cops


Vivian Schilling may not be one of the first names that springs to mind when you think “terror hottie”, but you may just have to adjust your perception on that.  She’s already slated to star in “Shadow Vision”, a film from Empire Film Group.  It sounds almost like a weird suspense / thriller version of a hybrid of Minority Report and Daredevil, if you can believe that.

In “Shadow Vision”, a participant in a university study of blind people takes on a whole new sense of the world as said participant begins to sense crimes in progress and criminal intentions, remotely.  What Homeland Security has been trying to do for years the horror film industry brings us.

So you can see where the comparisons kick in–the blind crimefighter / precognitive.  It sounds like it could well be a winner, and current projections (which could be wrong by the time you read this) put it to be out in 2009.