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Brianna Brown Goes Camping!


Here’s one from the “Recent Converts” file–if you’ve seen Knocked Up or The Forty Year Old Virgin, you may be familiar with actress Brianna Brown.  Perhaps you’re also familiar with Beth Broderick from Lost and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Well, if you are, then you’ll be happy to hear that both are beginning a segue into horror, starting with the upcoming Timber Falls.  There’s not a whole lot of data about it yet, but the word is that it’s going to basically be camping and hiking in the woods gone horribly awry.  Which, as you well know, is pretty much standard operating procedure for horror flicks–if it doesn’t go awry, what’s the point?–so it’s not going to be anything hugely groundbreaking.

Initial reports, however, say there’ll be a whole lot of survival horror elements so that’s a definite plus sign in this fella’s favor.  And of course, the addition of terror hotties (even neophytes) to the cast is a welcome addition under any circumstances.