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The Roommate Will Have a Building’s Worth of Terror Hotties

(Leighton Meester)

Seriously, folks—this sucker’s just packing them in left, right and center. The list is growing with every passing day, it seems, and now includes Frances Fisher, Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly and Aly Michalka.

Four already and they’ve only just started shooting!  Man, how good is THIS?  And the plot’s almost as interesting, too: It features an insane college freshman who becomes way, WAY too attached to her dorm mate, a much more outgoing and popular girl who just wants to help her poor dorm mate get out more and meet some more people.  As is generally the case for this kind of thing, the obsessed one ends up running amok on the object of her obsession and tries to kill her.

I know, not exactly the most unique plot, but it’s a good solid retread, if nothing else.  Let’s all hope it turns out half decently.

Strange Roommates

(Leighton Meester)

Leighton Meester’s going back to her terror hottie roots with an appearance in Screen Gems’ upcoming film The Roommate.  The Roommate features a college freshman who becomes obsessed with her new roommate, which you’d pretty much expect from a movie like this, which has been done at least a few times before in different fashions, especially with the upcoming release of Obsessed, a film that basically gives away the plot right in the title.

Just like this one.

As much as I like Leighton Meester’s body…of work…I have to admit that this one doesn’t strike me as a solid winner.  Seriously, this is the kind of thing that’s been done many, many times before, so why do it again?  I can’t imagine any reason, except an attempt to cash in on the subgenre.  Can they pull out a surprise winner?  Anything’s possible, but I know a long shot when I see it.

What’s The Gossip? Leighton Meester Back To Horror

(Leighton Meester)

So apparently, Leighton Meester is getting a chance to come back for some horror movie fun.  Most people know her from Gossip Girl, but there are those of us who know that she started out in horror movies.  For instance, she took on a homicidal burger clown in the direct to video classic (no, seriously, it was pretty good stuff) Drive Thru.  And this time, she’ll be playing Sara, a college student who just got the random dorm assignment of her nightmares–off to a freshman dorm with a roommate named Rebecca.  Rebecca gets creepy real fast and starts killing people connected to Sara.

Now here’s the kicker, just in case you’re wondering.  This is actually written by Vertigo executive vice president Sonny Mallhi, who wrote the script under a psuedonym so it would “get fair consideration”.  Not long after shopping it around, Sony Screen Gems picked it up and Mallhi stepped in as an executive producer.

Frankly, I’m already getting out the thesaurus to try and find a few dozen synonyms for “derivative”, but that’s me.  Maybe it’ll turn out better than I expect.  It sure can’t turn out much worse.

Leighton Meester’s Killer Movie

(Leighton Meester)

More from the reality-television-gone-wrong subgenre: I followed a hunch today and discovered a downright treasure trove of newly-minted terror hotties about to kick off a new venture. It’s called “Killer Movie”, and the plot is something familiar–a reality television shoot goes horribly wrong when its crew is stranded in a serial killer’s stomping grounds, a middle-of-nowhere sort of town.
Having grown up in a middle-of-nowhere sort of town I can tell you that we don’t generally worry about serial killers very often, because chances are somebody would know who’s doing the killing, but they’d have plenty of places to hide.

Anyway, like I said, there’s a whole raftload of terror hotties involved in this–check out the list.

We’ve got the charming Leighton Meester from “Drive In”, Kaley Cuoco from John Ritter’s swan song series “Eight Simple Rules”, Gloria Votsis, Cyia Batten…the list goes on. Current projections put “Killer Movie” out on video store shelves sometime in 2008, so get your Netflix at the ready.

(Kaley Cuoco)

(Gloria Votsis)

(Cyia Batten)