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A Short Gets Some Bulking Up

Blood Shot, a strange combination film about terrorists and vampires, looks to have a whole lot of strength to it.  First, of course, is the terror hottie strength we’ve got involved, which includes Paula Trickey and Kristi Klainos.  Second, we’ve got the rest of the cast, which involves a pair of serious names in the form of Brad Dourif and Lance Henriksen, both of whom have established themselves as kings of the DTV realm.

Lastly, there’s the plot–and man, what a plot it is.  A vampire joins up with a rogue cop to take on terrorists.  Man, if that doesn’t get your interest I don’t know what will.  The interesting part about the whole thing is that it started life as a short film, and got so much interest playing the festival circuit that it got backing, and a budget, and the ability to expand to feature length. 

Which is surprisingly pleasant–it’s nice to see some indies get a boost.  It definitely beats the constant river of regurgitated dreck Hollywood keeps pumping out.  So what’s this week’s remake / sequel?

But we’ll get to see how Blood Shot turns out fairly soon–last I knew, should be out in 2008.

(Kristi Clainos)

(Paula Trickey)