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Gary Michael Hilton’s Deadly Run

 (Nikki Faires)

Okay, for those of you who don’t know yet, there’s a guy named Gary Michael Hilton, and he’s currently confessed to killing a hiker by the name of Cheryl Dunlap.  Now, this is a tragedy in no uncertain terms, but where things are going to get really interesting–and of course I mean interesting in the most horrifying of ways–is that Gary Michael Hilton was involved in the plot for a 1995 direct-to-video film called Deadly Run. 
Deadly Run involved about half a dozen no-name terror hotties, and for most of them Deadly Run was their most recent film.  But it’s that connection to reality that brings Deadly Run out of its probably-deserved graveyard of obscurity and puts it squarely into the national consciousness.

Though Hilton was never actually credited as being part of the production, film producer Charles Samuel Rael goes into some detail about working with Hilton, who was “bubbling with suggestions” for the plot of the film, that featured in detail the story of a man who took women he met to a cabin in the north Georgia mountains, turn them loose, and stalk and attempt to kill them.
Which leaves us with very interesting unanswered questions, questions the Georgia Bureau of Investigation very much wants answered.  Rael has promised to help where and if he can.