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Dangerous Curves Afoot

(Eva Mendes)

You’ve got to love a movie that allows for such easy punnage when you right about it, but when you consider that it’s going to star Eva Mendes and is written originally by Kimberly Johnson, there’s plenty of truth behind the obvious puns in the upcoming release of the indie thriller Curve.

Slated to be directed by—and partially written by—Simon Hunter of the upcoming The Mutant Chronicles, Curve is about a young woman who runs afoul of a psychopathic killing machine when she takes an unexpected detour in the backwoods just outside of New York City.

I know, terribly familiar…the kind of thing we’ve seen several dozen times before.  But considering that Eva Mendes is involved and it’s partially penned by a woman, we may get a bit of different perspective on this one.  We’ll be waiting quite some while to find out, though, as they won’t even be going into production on this one for a few months.

Eva Mendes Does Horrible Things For Women Drivers


You’ve got to love Eva Mendez, folks, and when she’s playing a woman in jeopardy-style thriller, that makes her all the more appealing.  And she’s in Curve, a movie that shows us that women drivers can…well…I’ll let you fill in the blanks on your own on that one.  Anyway, Mendez is going to give a guy a ride after he helps her fix her car.

Sounds pretty tame so far, until the guy who fixed her car attacks her in the car.  Attempting an emergency maneuver to get him out of the car, she winds up at the bottom of a ravine, and her passenger is now waiting for her to weaken sufficiently that he can finish the job he started.

This could be a taut, thrilling combination if it’s done right, and having Eva Mendes along for the ride should give it some extra punch.  Hopefully the execution will meet the quality of the plot.