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Rosencrantz and Guidenstern are Being Written By Vampires


Jodan Galland’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead has just wrapped filming within the last several days, folks, and you know what that means!  That’s right–terror hottie country has just opened its borders, and we get the latest performance from Asian ass-kicker extraordinaire Devon Aoki from Sin City!

The rest of the cast, meanwhile, features names like Jeremy Sisto and, despite all logic or reason, Ralph Macchio.  And the plot will just kill you–it’s about an out of work young man living in the apartment above his doctor father’s medical office.  In a move to finally get him out of the house of sorts, said father cuts a deal to get his son direction an off-Broadway play.  The play in question is a strange new version of Hamlet…written by vampires.  And when our young unemployed man finds out about the vampire connection to Shakespeare, he’s got to–get this–find the Holy Grail and kill all the vampires.

This should be a laugh riot and possibly an action extravaganza.  Needless to say I’m looking forward to it, and adding Devon Aoki to the mix can never, never hurt.