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Terror Hotties Make the Horror in Sweatshop

(Melanie Donihoo)

Melanie Donihoo is part of the terror hottie parade in Sweatshop, a movie about a group of friends who slip into an abandoned factory to have a party. Not surprisingly, this factory is not as abandoned as they’d like to think it is.

No, it’s not a bunch of homeless drunks—don’t be so callous. Besides, this is a horror movie. It’s a whole lot darker than that. But anyway…this is a bad prospect waiting to happen. It’s the kind of thing we’ve all heard of before, with a different location. How many times have you heard of a horror movie where a bunch of kids break into an abandoned school or hospital or jail or insane asylum or library—well, maybe not library—party down and get chopped up into teeny bits? Lots! I almost just described the plot behind the entire Night of the Demons series! All I would have had to do is add the word “funeral home” to that list and it’d be a done deal!

So I confess to plenty of trepidation, with or without Melanie Donihoo to keep the terror hottie mojo flowing.

Smokin Aces Meets Torture Porn

(Melanie Donihoo)

And this time around, we’ve got two terror hotties in the pipeline coming off the new movie Sway.  Melanie Donihoo and Heather Westwood are both slated to star in this one, and I confess I’m of mixed feelings about it. When the plot synopsis involves the phrase “sexually sadistic serial killing brothers”, all I can think is, “Hellooooo torture porn. You haven’t been away near long enough, torture porn–can I toss your ass in a huge vat of acid so I can FINALLY stop seeing you FUCK UP MY MOVIES???”

But I digress. Needless to say I can’t stand torture porn, and though this might have been interesting, I’m worried about it. It’s not a foregone conclusion yet, though–though the serial killing brothers are involved, we’ve also got a pair of “backwoods flesh-peddlers” and a family of religious zanies who are way too into murder. All three of these factions, in a very Smokin’ Aces style move, will be going after the same target–a schizophrenic young man.

I don’t know what to think. I want to hope for the best here, but I know the stink of torture porn when I smell it. It could be that it’ll come out all right–but we’re going to have to wait a while for it to emerge. And when it does, I hope I can recommend it.

I hope.

(Melanie Donihoo)

(Heather Westwood)