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Mena Suvari and Stuart Gordon

The always-exotic Mena Suvari, o my terror hotties crowd, is on her way back to give us another rolling dose of fear in Stuart Gordon’s Stuck.

Now, this should perk up your metaphorical ears for a whole host of reasons–first, it’s Stuart Gordon, the bona fide Master of Horror who gave us Dreams in the Witch House and whose name is practically synonymous with H.P. Lovecraft.

Second, the plot will definitely get your attention–Mena Suvari’s going to run over Stephen Rea with her car, and drive him back to her house. Of course, he doesn’t get to ride shotgun–he gets to ride through the lovely hole he made in her windshield. Where, of course, he’s stuck.

Third, it’s based on a true story. You might have heard this one, but the basic plot overview sounds like it’s going to stick very, VERY, close to the original source material.