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That’s Right—Bloodrayne 3

 The good news is that Kristanna Loken is currently the frontrunner to come back and handle sexy vampire duties.

The bad news is that Uwe Boll is still attached to direct.

At this point I’m forced to agree with a whole lot of commentators and ask, does anyone really care at this point?  Did anyone bother to watch Bloodrayne 2?  I only watched the first Bloodrayne after it went to general release at the video store.  And it only gets better when we discover that Uwe Boll is actually being very price-conscious about who he hires to handle Bloodrayne and, if Loken wants the job, she’d better be “cheap” or she’s getting replaced!

Okay, Uwe…you just go right on pretending anyone cares whether or not she comes back—including Kristanna herself, mostly likely—and that you have a functioning career.  And replace her?  Replace her with what?  Seriously, do you really think anyone’s that eager to destroy their career by signing on with Uwe Boll?  You’re getting the last scraps of desperate celebrities as it is with the one exception of Jason Statham—I still don’t know what he was thinking doing In The Name of the King—but your casting calls include such amazing has-beens as Matthew Lillard and Burt Reynolds.

If Kristanna actually comes back to handle Bloodrayne, I suggest you thank whatever dark god you’re sacrificing a puppy to once a month to keep your wreck of a career afloat, Uwe, because you’re already on pretty thin ice with the viewing public.

Kristanna Loken in Lime Salted Love

With a name like Lime Salted Love, you can’t help but wonder just what on earth a movie like that could be about. Here’s the kicker–former Terminatrix Kristanna Loken is now involved and it looks like she’s gunning for Terror Hottie rank.

So anyway, what it’s about is a bunch of flashbacks from four main characters describing abandonment, guilt, abuse, and other assorted unpleasantnesses in Los Angeles, city of abandonment, guilt, abuse and other assorted unpleasantnesses including traffic and Hollywood.

Oh, and if word is correct it’ll all be coming to us live from a mental institution. Sounds scary enough for two, if not for the normal reasons, and if you’re anywhere near New York you can catch it at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

But if nothing else, Kristanna Loken’s well on her way to terror hottie rank, and we’re glad to have her.