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Mary Harron Filming Horror Again

You may not think of director Mary Harron as a terror hottie, but after giving us some choice horror flicks like American Psycho and Bettie Paige, she’s definitely worth considering. And her gifts to us still flow in the form of an upcoming episode of the bad idea television series Fear Itself.

For those of you who don’t know what Fear Itself is, here’s some backstory. Following the slow death that was season two of Masters of Horror–let’s face it, kids, they were NEVER going to top season one in aggregate or in single high points–Mick Garris bugged out to start a series very similar in nature called Fear Itself.

The bad side is who picked it up–namely, NBC. Yeah, I know. But anyway, Mary Harron has the chops and the background to hopefully give us something nice and atmospheric without a whole lot of splatter so that it gets under the horrible network radar.

Regardless of how it turns out, however, we can definitely give Mary Harron some overdue kudos and slate her on the Terror Hottie ranks.