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Nothing Like Pushing The Season—The Other Way

Yet another Christmas horror movie comes our way come early 2009, folks, and it’s Felissa Rose again bringing us some real joy in the form of Silent Night, Zombie Night.

With a title like that, you don’t really expect it to be about much else than zombies at Christmastime.  And indeed, that’s what we’re going to get out of this movie that starts  principal photography this month.  A virus breaks out in Los Angeles, trapping an LAPD officer with not only his former partner, but also his recently divorced ex-wife.  Now that by itself is a pretty scary situation, but throw in the zombies and man, you never saw marriage problems like this on Dr. Phil!

I’ll be looking forward to early January all the more when this sucker finally hits store shelves.  Should be lots of fun!

Not Enough Buns, Too Many Franks

Felissa Rose, former star of the Sleepaway Camp saga (motto: No One Knew Just How Big a Sausage Fest It Actually Was Around Here) just revealed on her MySpace blog that Return to Sleepaway Camp, the first such Sleepaway Camp title in decades, has wrapped, posted, and will apparently be out on DVD in October.

The plot, meanwhile, sounds a lot like the original; a camp that’s practically a recipe for disaster—chronically underpaid staff of horny teenagers barely watching bunch of rambunctious young kids who torment each other for fun–runs afoul of a mysterious something-or-other that’s turning campers and staff alike into chopped salad.

The camp’s paranoiac junior partner Ronnie, meanwhile, can’t help but remember the murders at Camp Arowak where he worked two decades ago.

Like I said, sounds real familiar, doesn’t it? But that’s all right, really—Return to Sleepaway Camp is going to serve a lot of useful purposes. Return to Sleepaway Camp will serve simultaneously as homage, history lesson, and good-old-fashioned slasher romp all in one handy DVD package. And if Felissa Rose continues to be involved—not to mention the crop of wholly unknown terror hotties brought in to serve as the NEW counselors—we’re definitely in for a ride this October.

Dead and Gone to the Land of the Terror Hotties

 (Gillian Shure)

I’m not all that sure what to think about Dead and Gone, coming out on video in just a very, very little while now.  On the one hand, it’s packed with a laundry list of terror hotties that includes, just for starters, Felissa Rose and Gillian Shure.  On the other hand, it has Kyle Gass of Tenacious D playing a minister.

The synopsis is…well…let’s just call it bizarre, because I think that’s going to fit the best here.  Basically, an actor takes his wife to a cabin in the woods because she’s dying and he barely knows what work is.  The cabin is all they have left, and he’s left to take care of the woman who until not so very long ago kept him in high style.

Until he smothers her.

This alone is weird enough, but then the really strange stuff kicks in and we discover that wifey’s a little more resilient than anyone gave her credit for.  And she’ll come after our kept actor with a vengeance.

So a thousand points for innovation, Dead and Gone…let’s just hope you don’t blow them all in the execution.

(Felissa Rose)

Summer Camp Massacre

Here’s one for you if you just can’t get enough of eighties horror flicks, even though there hasn’t been an eighties horror flick released for almost thirty years.

It’s called Summer Camp Massacre and it features some fairly big names: already mentioned terror hottie Brinke Stevens, a little something for the ladies in the form of Deron Miller, and none other than Felissa Rose, formerly of the Sleepaway camp franchise.

I’m laughing my metaphorical ass off at this, trust me–I mean, for crying out loud. Sure, the whole “horror at camp” concept has been done and to death so many times over that it practically begs to be the nuclear whipping boy of satire–even Felissa herself calls it a “fun spoof”–but haven’t even satires been done? I personally loved Camp Blood, which you may not have heard of but I suggest you get at all costs because it’s so damn funny you can’t even think straight following a showing of it.

Oh, and it also includes musical numbers. Horror musicals are few and far between, so snag one where possible. But at any rate, Felissa Rose has a definite place in the terror hottie pantheon, and she’s definitely got the background in camp-based horror, so if you liked Sleepaway Camp, you ought to get a thrill out of Summer Camp Massacre.

Hopefully, however, weird crossdressing effects are NOT included. I still shudder.