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Jennifer Tilly in The Caretaker

If the first thing you think of when you hear the name Jennifer Tilly isn’t Bride of Chucky, well, I don’t know what you’re thinking of because that’s definitely what I think of.

But we all may have a new first thought for this terror hottie with the upcoming release of The Caretaker, a film in which two guys try to get the better of their ladyfriends on Halloween night by playing tricks on them in the middle of an abandoned grapefruit orchard. Which would go all fine and well, except for the orchard’s caretaker, from which the title of this film is derived.

If I ever took my girlfriend to an abandoned grapefruit orchard on Halloween and started playing tricks on her I would likely not have a girlfriend much longer. Hell, even back in high school we knew better than to do something like that any too long. One or two, maybe…but even back then the ladies had way better things to do than hang around a grapefruit orchard on Halloween.

Let’s all hope that, for the sake of Miss Tilly’s terror hottie rank, the script’s got a little more juice in it than it’s letting on.