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Akira May Be Facing Its Last Breath

With Kristen Stewart and Helena Bonham Carter possibly slated to join the Akira remake cast, it’s a horrible chunk of news indeed to hear that, right now, the production may well be dead in the water.

The original series followed a Japanese biker gang who finds one of its members experimented on, and in turn, receiving psychic powers. But those powers may well lead to the destruction of the entire planet, as they find out much to their horror when the experimented member turns against his hometown.

But considering that the movie itself had at least two rewrites, and has recently sent the crew packing, this may well be the end for the production. However, this isn’t the first time the production has seemed doomed, and there’s just something about it that’s keeping the folks at Warner Brothers coming back for more.

Keep it right here for all the latest on this one, because there’s sure to be more soon!

Kristen Stewart May Join Akira Cast

Well well, another chunk of interesting news comes our way about Akira; while not too long ago, we got word of Helena Bonham Carter’s possible interest in signing on, now we hear there’s another terror hottie looking to join up, none other than Kristen Stewart.

While most readily known for playing talking lump Bella in the Twilight series, K-Stew, as some like to call her, has also picked up quite a following with a variety of other movies like Adventureland and The Runaways. And now, she might have the opportunity to pick up the role of Kai, a young psychic who finds herself in love with Kaneda.

In case you’re not already familiar with the plot–at least of the original–it follows a Japanese biker gang, one of whom, feeling woefully unappreciated, becomes the subject of some medical testing that gives him psychic powers briefly before turning him into a massive gelatinous monster that nearly blows up Japan. It was weird, but still interesting enough, and a live action version should be plenty of fun.

No word yet on when they start shooting this one, so keep it here for all the latest on this one.

Helena Bonham Carter In Talks For Role In Akira

Now here’s a bit of a surprise for you guys–seems that some offers are being made in connection with the upcoming Akira remake, and one in particular will be a pretty big surprise.

Helena Bonham Carter is apparently being offered the part of Lady Miyako, which is a pretty substantial piece indeed. If you’re not already familiar, Akira follows a motorcycle gang member who develops powerful psychic abilities following government testing, who then decides to use them to destroy New Manhattan.

Nothing official, of course, and anyone can still drop out at any time, or not show up at all. Still though, this could be pretty interesting stuff, and hopefully we’ll get more news about this one directly. I admit, I was a bit concerned with the idea of a live action adaptation of something like Akira, which would likely end up stuffed full of CG, but still, this could well come off nicely, especially with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter involved.

Terminator: Salvation On Hold


Sad news coming out of the Terminator Salvation camp, folks—Helena Bonham Carter, who was recently revealed to be one of the film’s main baddies, has just lost several family members to a bus accident and has returned to Great Britain to console the remains of her grieving family.

This is of course an incredible tragedy for her personally—she’s lost a quantity of her cousin’s relatives. Her cousin’s son, sister-in-law, mother and stepfather all died. This is also, on a much, much lower level a tragedy for us personally—she’s on “indefinite leave”, which means shooting and release for Terminator: Salvation is almost certainly going to be delayed. Unless, of course, they find a way to work around her for a while, which is actually pretty possible given the ability to do green screen insertions and such.

We’ll get along just fine either way, though, and hopefully she will too.

Helena Bonham Carter—Terminator Villain?

I have a ridiculous amount of respect for Helena Bonham Carter.  I believe she’s sorely underused and wish she’d show up in more stuff that wasn’t specifically Tim Burton related.  Oh, sure, she had that mostly bit-part in Harry Potter but still.

That having been said, I’m all sorts of happy to pass on this bit of news—Helena Bonham Carter apparently has her eye on a role in the upcoming Terminator: Salvation as the film’s villain.  If you’re a Helena Bonham Carter enthusiast like myself, you’re all sorts of happy at this point yourself.  Helena Bonham Carter has an absolute gift for darker roles—just look at her career; it’s patently packed with darker roles—and the thought of her taking on a villain’s part in one of the biggest science fiction franchises of the last thirty years is a heartwarming thought.

And even more heartwarming is that the film is slated for release in May of 2009, which means we’ll get to see Helena Bonham Carter play her best kind of role very, very soon.

Saturns Best Actress

Okaaaaay! It’s time for the Saturn Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars for people who actually watch entertaining movies. And man, it’s a downright rundown of terror hotties and terror hotties to be. The Best Actress field is loaded with choice candidates, and I’m hard pressed to suggest who should get it.

Seriously–check out the Best Actress list: Amy Adams for Enchanted, Ashley Judd in Bug, Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd, Naomi Watts in Eastern Promises, Belen Rueda in The Orphanage and Carice van Houten in Black Book.

Okay…I’ve only seen Bug and Sweeney Todd, so they’re the top two of my list. To be perfectly honest…they’re almost tied. Ashley Judd was positively unbelievably good in that role. It was mindblowing how good she was, and that whole movie was so good I want to hand an award to Ashley Judd right now.

But. Oh, but…I really have to give the nod to Helena Bonham Carter. Because as good as she was–as good as everyone else was from what I could gather–Helena Bonham Carter SANG. And let’s all be honest for a minute–it’s hard to find someone who can both sing and make cannibalism catch on in London.

So kudos to all–it’s a good field, no mistake–but my definite frontrunner is terror hottie Helena Bonham Carter!