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The Awakening Gets An Exciting New Clip

For those of you looking forward to Rebecca Hall and Imelda Staunton in The Awakening, you’ll have a whole new reason to look forward to this one thanks to a new clip that’s just recently landed.

The Awakening follows a lady named Florence Cathcart, who recently lost her fiance. She’s not taking it very well, so she funnels her grief into a project like many have before her. But in Florence’s case, her project is a little unexpected. She’s out to debunk all seances out there, and when she heads for a boys’ boarding school to investigate a bizarre paranormal encounter, she’s going to discover that she may not be able to easily debunk everything she comes across.

The clip in question is nicely freaky, and puts on a pretty nice show. At last report, it’s already showing in the UK, but will hopefully get a wider release from there because in all honesty, I like the looks of this thing and hope deeply that it’s going to make an expansion from there.

The Awakening Gets Fresh Set Of Rebecca Hall & Imelda Staunton Heavy Clips

If you’re looking forward to The Awakening, featuring terror hotties Rebecca Hall and Imelda Staunton, like I am, then you’re going to be happy to hear that not only have some fresh art and stills have emerged, but so has a distributor for this one to boot.

The Awakening follows Florence Cathcart, who just lost her fiance recently. And the loss has been grating on her of late. But she’s channeling her sorrow into a project: to expose all seances for what they really are, exploitative hogwash. But as you probably expected, she’s going to find that not all paranormal activity falls under the category of nonsense, and she may not survive the encounter.

The Cohen Media Group picked this one up for distribution, and it will be opening in theaters in the UK starting November 11th. But I’m hoping for a wider release; the trailer and the stills and the plot synopsis suggests that this one’s going to be a nice piece of ghost story fare indeed. Sooner it hits wider release, the better!

The Awakening Gets Distro And An International Trailer

Looking for a little touch of retro in your trailer? Well, brace yourself because your wish has been granted with The Awakening. And it gets even better when I fill you in on the terror hotties involved: Imelda Staunton and Rebecca Hall.

The Awakening follows a woman who’s on a mission following the death of her fiance: exposing the truth behind seances as being nothing more than shams. A case involving a boys’ boarding school, however, forces her to reconsider her stance, as she faces down horror and possible death in the heart of a school for boys.

Sounds pretty good to me, folks, and the trailer does support the claim that this might be pretty good stuff. We’ll have a while to wait to find out how it all boils down, though, as we’ve only discovered the movie’s getting distributed by the Cohen Media Group. Keep it right here for the latest when we have it to pass on.

Saturns Best Supporting Actress


Meanwhile, still in the Saturn Awards, we have the field for Best Supporting Actress, and here I am truly stymied. We have Lizzy Caplan for Cloverfield, Marcia Gay Harden for The Mist,  Lena Headey for 300, Rose McGowan for Planet Terror, Michelle Pfeiffer for Stardust, and finally Imelda Staunton for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I’m torn.  Genuinely, I’m torn. And in several different directions.

First off, you’ve got to give respect to Imelda Staunton.  I’ve never seen menace look so PERKY.  It’s like someone took June Lockhart and made her a crime boss.  “What’s that, Lassie?  Timmy sleeps with the fishes?”  Michelle Pfeiffer, meanwhile, clearly made the most of her time in Stardust and gave Neil Gaiman even MORE credibility.  And of course we give solid nods to Lizzy, Marcia and Lena who held up their supporting roles with style and grace.

And then there’s Rose McGowan…veteran of hordes of horror roles.  Come on…there’s got to be some bonus to playing a gun-legged stripper!  The sheer originality of the role is worth extra!

So you can see my dilemma.  Though there were a host of terror hotties gunning for it, all equally well-deserving,  I think I’m going to have to give this one to Imelda Staunton.  She’s a woman who truly made me believe that the head of the PTA or the Ladies’ Aid Society could be a fascististic psychopath, indeed, even go so far as to call her Hitler in a pink pillbox.