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Two Images Emerge For Gone

Gone is going to have a whole bunch of terror hotties involved in its proceedings, and since that’s our primary focus, you know we have to keep track of this one. And with a pair of new images emerging, this one looks like it’ll make a bigger splash than you may well think.

Featuring Amanda Seyfried and amazing terror hottie Jennifer Carpenter, Gone follows a woman who’s just come home from her night shift job to discover that her sister has gone missing. And naturally, when something like that happens, the first thing she thinks of is the serial killer who kidnapped her two years previously. But she finds herself on her own when the police don’t believe her tale of hypothetical revenge, and thus it’s left to the young lady to hunt up her little sister and perhaps even put paid to the killer with a twofold connection to her family.

I’m reasonably confident this could turn out well, but the execution is going to be very, very important here. The images make this look pretty good, so that gives me some hope for the future, and hopefully this will end up as the early word suggests it may work out well in the end. And we’ll find out how this turns out February 24th.

Gone Packs In The Terror Hotties, Brings A New Poster

Wow, folks…no matter what you think about the upcoming release of Gone, or its admittedly less than pleasant new poster, one thing’s quite clear: this thing is stuffed full of terror hotties.

Featuring Amanda Seyfried in the lead role, backed up by Emily Wickersham, the insane genius that is Jennifer Carpenter, and more besides, Gone follows a young woman who’s just come home from working a night shift to discover that her sister isn’t home. And she thinks she knows who’s responsible, too–the serial killer who kidnapped and very nearly killed her two years prior. Now, she’s about to go back into the belly of the beast in a bid to get her little sister back.

I’m a little ambivalent on this one myself; it could be some good stuff, but the early poster release doesn’t bode well for this one at all. But we’ll get to find out just how this one turns out when this hits theaters February 24th.

Quarantine 2 To Hit the Airport

(Jennifer Carpenter)

But what about Jennifer Carpenter? you ask.? Well, that’s a little less clear.

For those of you who enjoyed Quarantine as much as I did, the remake is already underway, under the writing AND direction of John Pogue, whom you’ll remember from not much in particular including all three installments of The Skulls and Ghost Ship from Dark Castle.

And the word is that it’ll be leaving the tenement and going to the airport instead–yes, while the first one was a nearly shot for shot remake (and man, did Jennifer Carpenter handle that reporter role well), the second one apparently will be nowhere near.

So will we get more Jennifer Carpenter?? Or will we be too busy hoping that Pogue’s newest work doesn’t completely suck?? Keep it here for all the latest.

Quarantine 2 Announced!

Okay, this is some great news right here.  Everybody else who loved terror hottie Jennifer Carpenter’s most recent horror foray, Quarantine, is going to be just as happy as I am to discover that there will in fact be a SECOND Quarantine.

Word on the plot and release dates and such is a little sparse at this point, but the big question of the day is, will they pick up where the original left off?  It’s a possibility—after all, Jennifer only got dragged into the dark in the end.  There’s every possibility she kicked that whatsit up in the attic square in the junk and ran off.

Of course, considering the nature of what happened in the first one, it’s also entirely possible that the virus could’ve gotten loose, or gone to an even bigger venue.  How about that virus infecting a Raiders game in the middle of L.A.?  And, there’s also every chance that the two ideas could merge or be completely invalid.

I admit, I’m looking very much forward to this one, no matter how it turns out.

Dexter Back Through 2010

(Julie Benz)

Say what you will about Dexter, folks, and though a lot of people can say no wrong about this clever little breakout, one thing is incontrovertibly clear—it’s got a pair of truly choice terror hotties in the form of Julie Benz and insane genius Jennifer Carpenter.

And it’s because of that sweet pair of terror hotties that I’m doubly pleased to announce that Dester will be back until at the very least 2010. That’s right, folks, two more seasons have been announced, and I’m all sorts of happy.

The series, which features a Miami blood splatter expert who spends his nights as a seemingly uncatchable serial killer who lives (or more correctly lived) by a strict moral code requiring him to only kill other serial killers has proven to be both strong in the ratings and strong with the critics, probably what helped secure Dexter’s place on Showtime for another two years to come.

Jennifer Carpenter Takes On Spooky Rabies

Finally, some news I can get excited about!  And man, am I EVER excited about this!

Everyone remember The Exorcism of Emily Rose?  Everyone remember how amazing Jennifer Carpenter was in that movie?  How she did all that running and jumping and screeching and snarling and such all by her onesies without the aid of green screens and CG?  Yeah…oh yeah, you don’t forget a thing like that.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that she’s making her return to the theatres with the remake of Spain’s REC, Quarantine.

Carpenter plays Angela Vidal, TV reporter who finds herself trapped in an apartment building wherein someone has contracted a rare strain of rabies and is about to infect pretty much everyone within walking distance.

It’s due out October tenth, and I’ll lay good odds that it’ll turn out to be a very solid title, one that’s got me really looking forward to fall.

Jennifer Carpenter’s Freaky Genius Blu-Ray Ready

Jennifer Carpenter, ladies and gentlemen!  I tell you in no uncertain terms that this girl is an absolute freaky genius.  You may not have liked The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but you’ve still got to have some serious respect for the terror hottie that managed to pull off the role without the help of makeup or CG.  That’s right, folks…all those facial features and weird contortions and amazing acrobatic maneuvers were ALL HER.

And on July 22, you’ll get to see Jennifer Carpenter in a whole new light as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment brings us The Exorcism of Emily Rose in spectacular Blu-ray.  Packed with special features, including three full featurettes including “Genesis of the Story”, “Casting the Film” and “Visual Design”, we’ll get to see a whole lot of what went into setting up this downright scary movie.

I haven’t actually seen the “casting the film” section yet, but I suspect you’ll get to hear plenty of praises for the talented Jennifer Carpenter, not to mention some joy for Laura Linney who played the tough, able defense lawyer gunning for a promotion to partner.  So for those of you with Blu-ray players, mark your calendar—it’s coming sooner than you think.

Saturns Best TV Supporting Actress


And then, continuing on in the Saturn Awards rundown we get a nice slate of ladies up for Best Supporting Actress in TV.  Let me just say right now that it’s going to be Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter, and when you see the list, you’ll know exactly why.

The list for Saturn Best Supporting Actress in TV: Jaime Alexander for Kyle XY, Jennifer Carpenter for Dexter, Summer Glau for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Elizabeth Mitchell for Lost, Jaime Murray for Dexter, and Hayden Panettiere for Heroes.

Yeah.  Now you know.  For those of you with less than perfect memories, I’ll remind you that Jennifer Carpenter was the absolute freaking genius behind Emily Rose in the movie of the same name featuring her exorcism.  Yeah.  Remember…that was ALL HER.  No CG, no makeup, no nothing. She did that all herself, and that alone gives me insane amounts of respect.

Kyle XY’s audience is pretty much limited to bored tweens who can’t bust the parental lock on the cable, Lost is still the most insane show on television, Hayden Panettiere hasn’t done anything either good or non-cheerleader-oriented since Malcolm in the Middle and Summer Glau is way too second-banana for my tastes.  Jaime Murray, apologies, but there’s ZERO shame in losing to Jennifer. Did you SEE her in Emily Rose?  Wow.  Just…you know…WOW.

So that’s my pick for best supporting actress–congrats to terror hottie Jennifer Carpenter!