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Peacock Brings Big New Terror Hottie Package

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We all know that Cillian Murphy is a terror hottie from a long way back, starting with her stint in 28 Days Later.  But it might surprise you to hear that Ellen Page is going the terror hottie route thanks to Peacock.

A brand spanking new poster has emerged for Peacock, the downright unsettling story of a bank clerk living in Peacock, Nebraska.  It’s a quiet, downright invisible life, one befitting a man with a terrible secret.  He’s got an extra personality.  And she’s the domestic sort…until one day, when everything changes.

A guy walking around with a woman in his head?  No wonder he prefers the quiet life.  But with loads of terror hotties, this will definitely be one to watch when it hits DVD this April.

Ellen Page Backs Out


Okay…remember when I talked about terror hottie Ellen Page, star of Juno and Hard Candy?  Remember when I said she was going to augment her horror standing by showing up in nothing less than the new Sam Raimi movie?  Yeah…um…that’s not going to happen any more.

Word is they’re currently “recasting the role” because Page “didn’t like the latest draft of the script”.  Anyone else thinking that the Oscars got into her ego and jacked it up through the roof and beyond?

Because turning down a Sam Raimi–especially after the mainstream conquest that was Spider-Man, just strikes me as a horrible career move.  Especially since her career is not that extensive to begin with.  When your resume is basically two jobs wide, it’s generally regarded as counterproductive to turn down opportunities.

Ah well, thus always to the prideful, so we might well just not see much more of quasi-terror hottie Ellen Page after this.

Ellen Page


Now here’s a shocker for you, folks–we got a brand new name to welcome into the horror hotties pantheon, and what a pedigree she’s coming in under.  Everyone remember Juno?  You know, that movie that got hellacious Oscar buzz but probably won’t take home any statuettes?  Following her eminently successful portrayal as a teen mom in the making, Ellen Page is about to get dragged to hell by none other than SAM RAIMI!

Oh yeah, I’m all cheery about this too–this is based on a script that Sam wrote with brother Ivan directly after making Army of Darkness, so there’s a real, REAL, good chance that the chipper and lovely Miss Page will be involved in some of the slapstick horror goodness that Sam Raimi is still known for.

There’s still not a lot of raw data out there yet about the film “Drag Me to Hell”–the Raimis are apparently playing it quite close to the vest–but the plotline seems to be about the receipient of a curse, who of course doesn’t know she’s getting it.  Of course, I’m guessing that Ellen Page is the she in question–maybe, maybe not.  When I know more you will.

But regardless!  Let’s all give a nice warm welcome to the lovely Ellen Page and hope she sticks around to hold her head high as a newfound horror hottie.