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Okay, fellow horror buffs, sit up and take notice–it’s two for you, ’cause one won’t do. That’s right–a huge concentration of horror hotties in one central location, and it’s called Giallo.

It may translate literally as Yellow, but the things to remember are:

1. It’s Dario Argento’s newest movie, and this guy’s given us some definite winners in the past.

2. There are two, count ‘em, TWO horror hotties in this one.

Not only will we be treated once more to Snakes on a Plane hottie Elsa Pataky, but we ALSO get another dose of Asia Argento. That’s right, snaky goodness and nepotism combine in one place to give us a huge burst of horror hottie.

The movie, on the other hand, doesn’t look like anything great. Stop me if you’ve heard this synopsis before–a serial killer roams the urban wilds, killing a series of gorgeous women (most of whom we’ve never even heard of before) and he’s pursued by a lone-wolf kind of cop who plays probably by his own rules.

Yeah, I know, we’ve already seen this one half a dozen times plus and Argento hasn’t even started rolling on it yet, but Argento’s past work, coupled with the double shot of feminine grace that is Elsa Pataky and Asia Argento is enough to make me at least give Dario a benefit of the doubt pass.

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