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The Victim Gets Distribution With Anchor Bay

Good news for those of you who were looking forward to the upcoming release of The Victim, a movie we’ve been following for some time now. And the news in question is that this terror hottie extravaganza, featuring the likes of Jennifer Blanc and genre favorite Danielle Harris, has a distributor in the form of Anchor Bay.

The Victim follows a couple of party girls who find themselves on a strange end of the law. One of them, Annie, has recently witnessed a violent and wholly illegal attack. And now, she and her friend Mary are on the run. But when Annie and Mary find themselves taking refuge at the home of a recluse who lives in the middle of the woods, things are about to get a whole lot worse. The only question left to answer will be, who really is the victim in all this?

Sounds exciting, sure enough, and when you consider that Anchor Bay will be handling the distribution, it’s pretty clear that this could be one to watch. Anchor Bay doesn’t make very many screwups, so this one could be good. No clue yet on a release date for this one, though, so here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

Behind the Scenes With Stake Land Emerges

Well, kids, today is the big day!  Stake Land has finally landed in a video store near you (unless, of course, your video store is Netflix…then you’ll have a delay), and now you’re going to get a big dose of vampires, post-Apocalyptia, and terror hotties aplenty.

Featuring genre favorite Danielle Harris and Kelly McGillis, Stake Land follows a group of folks out looking for a safe place to live following the economic collapse of the United States. But it’s not just an economic collapse, either–somehow vampires have gotten into the mix, and that’s left America the territory of street gangs like the Brethren. But with a murderous sociopath leading the group to safety in, of all places, Canada, they’re going to have to go through hell to reach their intended goal.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Man, I can scarcely wait to check that one out myself, and we’ll get to do that starting today. So if you happen to catch this one, hop on into the comments section and tell us what you thought of it!

Hatchet 2: Picture Is Up!

(Danielle Harris)

All right, Hatchet fans–do I ever have some cheerful news for you!  The upcoming title, featuring terror hottie Danielle Harris (those of you who prefer to think of her as a scream queen may freely do so) as Marybeth manages to escape from Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder reprising his earlier role), only to come back to the swamp and wipe out the Crowley curse once and for all.

And video has emerged showing the very first minutes of filming–it’s on YouTube right now, and at the very least, it’s proof of concept that they’re well on their way to completion.

Naturally, there’s no word on release dates just yet, so keep it here for the latest.  Hopefully we’ll get to see this one before the year’s out.

Danielle Harris Comes Back For Zombie Killing Fun

(Danielle Harris)

Well, well, folks–seems there’s some especially good news to mention today.  The planned prequel to George Romero’s original (now public domain, last I checked) classic Night of the Living Dead, Night of the Living Dead: Origins, just made a casting announcement today.  Danielle Harris will be playing Barbara, and I couldn’t be much happier.

Especially given how Barbara’s character shaped up in the original remake back in 1990.  Barbara’s character there became a total badass in no uncertain terms, and putting Danielle Harris into THAT Barbara’s shoes should be entertaining.  Of course, if Origins sticks to the original Romero, then we may have a problem.  After all, what’s the point of sticking a live wire like Harris into the role of a dead stick like Barbara in the original?  She spent a good chunk of that movie semi-comatose; what’s the good in putting her there?

But one thing’s for sure–my interest in Origins has just shot through the ROOF.

Danielle Harris Takes On The County Line Cannibal

(Danielle Harris)

It’s great to see that Danielle Harris is still in the thick of things acting-wise, and the fact that she’s just posted a trailer to her upcoming film Cyrus isn’t exactly unwelcome either.

The movie in question is called Cyrus, and will feature not only Harris in the terror hottie slot but also bring in Brian Kraus and industry giant Lance Henriksen to present the story of an independent news crew looking into a series of unexplained disappearances somewhere in the Midwest.  The film crew then encounters a man by the name of Cyrus who seems to know a whole lot about a local legend–the County Line Cannibal–and that’s when things really go wrong.

Now, up front, I’ll let you know this may not work too well, as it’s got that “based on a true story” stamp on it that doesn’t always bode well.  But the up shot here is that Henriksen and Harris are involved, and that gives us some hope.  Speaking of hope, hopefully we won’t have long to wait until this comes out so we can see how it goes for ourselves, and when I’ve got a release date, I’ll pass it on to you.

You’ve Got To Love the Horror Reality Show

Reality shows are scary enough by themselves.  Don’t believe me?  Try watching footage of Nick Hogan trying to pronounce it long enough and you won’t ever want to watch one of his “realality” shows.  Ever.

But it’s even better when you can throw a little bit of a horror movie element into things, and we’ll see you why when we get a good look at Danielle Harris in the fairly soon to be released The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond.

When you put nine people on a private island with a big house and set them all to play a game, you know that it’s not likely to end well.  Because, of course, in an environment like this all those nasty little character traits like jealousy and greed and fear and everything else that we try so desperately hard to keep buried will eventually come to the surface. And when they do…it will be downright explosive.

Thus I’m looking very much forward to seeing this one, due out by the end of this year.

The Prank’s Not on The Audience For Once

(Ellie Cornell)

Now here’s an interesting concept from a trio of terror hotties.  Scream queens Danielle Harris of Halloween, Heather Langenkamp of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Ellie Cornell of Halloweens Four and Five, united together to bring us a massive horror anthology called Prank, which is actually slated to have many more terror hotties involved in its construction than just the directors.

Mentioned at HorrorHound Weekend in Pittsburgh, so far the only real synopsis I’ve been able to score is on Danielle Harris’ own entry.  Titled “Madison”, it’s all about a young woman not surprisingly named Madison who’s waiting up for her boyfriend to come home.  She’s starting to believe that something may have happened to her boyfriend…and that it might happen to her next.  This idea, of course, is not bad—kinda derivative, really—but definitely the kind of package that could yield a whole megaton of explosive scares.

Less information is available about Langenkamp’s “Jessica” and Cornell’s “Cassidy” installments, but if they’re on par with “Madison”, we should be in for a pretty sweet frightfest on the order of soon, especially given that Harris reports that “Madison” is done.

(Heather Langenkemp / Danielle Harris)

Danielle Harris Busy Terror Hottie

Danielle Harris has been one busy terror hottie these days–not only is she set to star in Blood Night: Legend of Mary Hatchet with Bill Moseley and a whole bunch of others, she was recently part of the 2008 online-only horror extravaganza known as Insomnifest.

Her title in the electronic joy that was Insomnifest was “Left For Dead”, one of your classic stalker / slasher flicks in which five frat boys are stalked by a guy with a machete, following an accident on Devil’s Night.  We’ve all seen that one before–the eighties were practically built on the backs of movies like this–but sometimes a trip back to our roots can remind us where we came from–as well as being entertaining.

It’s still looking for a distributor–which is kind of a surprise, given how entertaining this one sounds–and hopefully, it’ll land one soon so that terror hottie Danielle Harris can get her full due.

Danielle Harris


You’ve got to love horror hottie Danielle Harris–she celebrated her twelfth birthday on the set of “Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers”, for crying out loud.  If that doesn’t suggest a dyed in the wool horror hottie then I don’t know what will.

Anyway, she’s not been resting on her laurels since Mikey Myers had his depressing and utterly humiliating stroke at the hands of Rob Zombie, who reduced the silent homicidal monolith to nothing more than a child welfare case.  She’s got three, count ‘em, THREE films slated for 2008 and you’ve got to love it–they’re all horror flicks.

Whether she’s playing a dark and murderous game as Kathy in “The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond”, running for her very life from a crazed killing machine who should be dead in “Blood Night”, or, well…running for her very life in North Carolina in “Grinder”, she’s got the horror concept on lockdown.

Okay, granted…they’re not what you’d call great movies.  The plots are retreads of retreads a dozen times over and their only hope for mediocrity so far is great and innovative execution.  But with Danielle Harris, horror hottie extraordinaire, involved…well, who can help but hope for the best?