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The Unborn Well On Its Way to DVD

(Odette Yustman)

By the time you read this, chances are you’ve already got your hot little hands on a copy of The Unborn, available on your choice of DVD or Blu-Ray featuring hot little Odette Yustman in a movie about unwitting betrayal and Jewish demons running amok.

Odette stars as an eighteen year old girl, who doesn’t know she was actually part of a set when she absorbed her younger brother in the womb.  Anyway, a series of strange occurrences begin happening to her, and eventually she discovers she’s being haunted by a dybbuk, a demon of Jewish legend who is actually the soul of a person banned from entering heaven—in this case, a young boy, and a relative, who died amid the horrors of Auschwitz.

This one was actually a pretty good movie, and the last fifteen minutes are a downright explosive ride.  This one’s definitely worth at least a rental if you haven’t seen it already or just haven’t seen it lately.  You’ll get a good time out of it, and Odette Yustman just makes things better.

Obscure British Thrillers Bring The Terror Hotties

The baffling Hollywood trend of remakes like no tomorrow rumbles on, and now it’s gone so far as to dredge up a British thriller from 1970. Yeah, I’ll give you a moment to let that settle in, because as far as I’m concerned that is just insane.  A British thriller.  From 1970.  Has anyone in the critical horror demographic of eighteen to thirty-five years olds actually SEEN the movie in question, called And Soon The Darkness?

Considering that the movie was released before the eighteen to thirty-five year old brack was actually BORN–it’s true; doing the basic math says that 1970 was fully thirty nine years ago, predating the critical horror demo by a full four years.  The chances that anyone but the deepest aficionados have actually seen this thing is so slim as to be ridiculous.

But it features Amber Heard AND Odette Yustman, and puts them on their bikes riding in the Argentinian countryside.  One of them goes missing…and the other one needs to find her.  Before it gets dark.

Sounds interesting enough, I guess…but it seems like a long shot to me, in a time when studios can least afford long shots.

Odette Yustman and Born


Here’s a bit of exciting news—remember horror hottie Odette Yustman from Cloverfield?  Oh yeah…her.  Well, she’s already set up to take a part in the upcoming film originally titled Born (but now untitled) from David Goyer.  Backing up hottie Yustman is Cam Gigandet and no less a personage than Gary Oldman himself.

Now, you get an array like that in place and you’ve got to start wondering about the plot, no?  Well, chances are you won’t be disappointed—the movie formerly known as Born involves a Jewish demon called a dybbuk, a spirit denied entrance into heaven that now lives for the chance to reattach itself to a human host roaming around earth.  Because when your choices for afterlife lodging are the eternal torment of hell and the occasional torment of earth, you’ll happily take the one that actually lets you go get a Coke between horrific torments.

But anyway—the movie formerly known as Born is slated to start shooting next month, which means a release date is on the order of who knows when?  But with horror hottie Yustman riding shotgun alongside a badass like Gary Oldman, well, it’ll take something pretty lousy for this to turn out any less than worth a watch.