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Dexter Back Through 2010

(Julie Benz)

Say what you will about Dexter, folks, and though a lot of people can say no wrong about this clever little breakout, one thing is incontrovertibly clear—it’s got a pair of truly choice terror hotties in the form of Julie Benz and insane genius Jennifer Carpenter.

And it’s because of that sweet pair of terror hotties that I’m doubly pleased to announce that Dester will be back until at the very least 2010. That’s right, folks, two more seasons have been announced, and I’m all sorts of happy.

The series, which features a Miami blood splatter expert who spends his nights as a seemingly uncatchable serial killer who lives (or more correctly lived) by a strict moral code requiring him to only kill other serial killers has proven to be both strong in the ratings and strong with the critics, probably what helped secure Dexter’s place on Showtime for another two years to come.

Julie Benz Takes Eyegores By Storm

Some cheerful news as Julie Benz, star of Dexter and upcoming Saw V as well as absolutely kickass terror hottie, was honored at the sixth annual Eyegore Awards as part of a widely varied slate of honorees. Benz now ranks alongside such greats as Bill Moseley and Gunnar Hansen, who, let’s face it, folks, are pretty much classics in the genre. Sure, I’m not a big fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but both Moseley and Hansen have proven their capabilities elsewhere and it’s definitely no poor reflection on Julie Benz that she’s part of such company.

Benz’s own work, meanwhile, is long and storied, going back as far as Married With Children and beyond. Seriously—her filmography is downright enormous. She’s got over sixty pieces on her overall resume, and actually did some singing on the soundtrack for then-WB series Angel. She’s definitely deserving of whatever honorifics the industry can bring to bear on her, and an award given to Julie Benz only improves the industry’s appearance for having sense enough to recognize quality.

Julie Benz

For those who know Julie Benz just as Rita Bennett from the TV series “Dexter”, I have to reassure you, yes that is definitely her. Since I knew nothing of Julie before Dexter, I was pretty darn surprised that she is THIS smoking hot. And to our luck, this hottie is no virgin to the horror genre as well.

Want more of this hottie? (I promise you won’t be disappointed)

This former figure skater had her entertainment career breakthrough with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ” While she didn’t win the role of Buffy, she played the sultry vampire Darla who appeared in more than a few episodes of not only “Buffy”, but also the offshoot series, “Angel” as well. From that, she’s been in quite a few B-Movie horror flicks. She starred in “Satan’s School for Girls”, a movie about a girl who wanted to find out more about her sister’s suicide and is instead enticed into a witchcraft cult. She also had a supporting role in the horror parody “Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth.” and a made-for-TV movie “Locusts: The 8th Plague.” (The titles should speak for themselves)

She didn’t stop there though. She guest starred on “Supernatural” and her career was basically catapulted by her role on “Dexter” where she scored the 2006 Satellite Award for Actress in a Supporting Role (in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television).

Want even more? Are you willing to go through the depths of hell and back just to see her in high resolution? If yes, then go check her out in “Rambo”. I guess after seeing all these pictures, anything is tolerable.