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Saturns Best TV actress


Meanwhile, the TV Saturn vote is somewhat easier for me, but only somewhat.  See…I don’t like TV very much, especially network TV.  Network TV is too tightly ruled by those hidebound monsters at the FCC, who have a coronary if there’s even a hint of nipple being exposed.  Those people have no sense of what’s actually going on around them, and I had better get back on topic because getting me wound up about the fellas at the freakin’ FCC, to quote Family Guy, could launch a rant lasting hours.

The rundown in this category makes things simpler–Anna Friel for Pushing Daisies, Lena Headey for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Jennifer Love Hewitt for Ghost Whisperer, Holly Hunter for Saving Grace, Evangeline Lilly for Lost, and Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer.

No one really cares about The Closer, Pushing Daisies or Saving Grace.  So that helps immensely.  Lost is a show that went so completely bughouse nuts by the end of its second season that it not only jumped the shark, but also jumped the polar bear and the shark’s alien buddy, both of whom allied with the shark in a desperate bid to conquer the American music industry.  Oh, and did I mention that the alien is also the shark’s brother?  That’s what Lost is getting to be like.  Which means we’ve only got two viable candidates, and Jennifer Love Hewitt pretty much lost all credibility after that scene in “I Know What You Did Last Summer” where she dared the killer to come after her while participating in a wet-t-shirt contest—err…I mean, of course, STANDING DRAMATICALLY IN THE RAIN.  Never mind that if she’d been wearing a white t-shirt at the time there’d be nothing to separate the two.

Thusly, we’re left with Lena Headey, the winner by default.

And right now, Fox is chanting “Hooray for default!  De-FAULT! De-FAULT! De-FAULT!” because it’s just about the only way Fox can actually win anything.

Things you never knew about Evangeline Lilly

So anyone want to guess what Evangeline Lilly did before starring in television and movie flicks?

A. Flight attendant
B. Waitress
C. Oil changer for big rigs
D. All of the above

For all the guys who thought it was impossible to find a dream girl who wears a flight attendant uniform, serves up your food, gets down and dirty with your car, and is on Maxim’s and FHM’s AND Terror Hottie’s Hot list, it’s your lucky day. Yep yep, ladies and gents, it’s D!


Other than the popular TV series Lost, this hottie actually had a role (albeit small) in “Freddy vs Jason”, the ultimate teenage slasher flick where Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees face off. On top of that, she was also in Stephen King’s “Kingdom Hospital”, a truly creepy TV series about a haunted hospital that was built on top of a gravesite.

Unfortunately for us, she has no other horror movies in line, but luckily enough, TIVO is a 21st century staple. And for those with the ‘girls with cars’ fetish, I think she can fit your imagination pretty well. Time for your next oil change!