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Freakdog Packs in the Terror Hotties


And now, from the depths of Europe’s recently concluded Film4 Frightfest, we’ve got a new and interesting piece to talk about, Paddy Breathnach’s Freakdog. Frankly, Freakdog, which gives us plenty of terror hottie joy in the forms of Arielle Kebbel and Sarah Carter, definitely looks like it’s going to be an absolute winner.

The plotline on this beastie is definitely one for the “new and interesting” column—basically, a coma victim’s going to get a powerful, but untested cocktail of drugs administered to him, but it’s not going to cure him. Instead, it’s going to give him some kind of astral projection capability where he can possess other people’s bodies and use those meat shields to take revenge on bullying medical students who were, accidentally, responsible for his condition. Don’t suppose I mentioned that the coma victim was a violent psychopathic loner, did I? Naturally, we will wind up deep in blood and killing, and just how deep we’ll find out when this reaches our shelves sometime in 2009.

Red Mist

(Arielle Kebbel)

A full slate of horror hotties, including The Grudge 2’s Arielle Kebbel and Skinwalkers’ Sarah Carter have signed on for another bit of horror from the Emerald Isle, Ireland.

Now, you may not be too familiar with Irish horror, but they’ve been putting out more than a few solid titles for some time now. I fondly remember their zombie film Red Meat, and their zombie comedy Boy Eats Girl, so I find myself hopeful that Kebbel and Carter can help director Paddy Breathnach (formerly of Shrooms, can you believe it?) to put out yet another solid Irish horror title in the form of Red Mist.

The plot is nothing stellar, at least that we know of yet, but the synopsis I could find was so broad as to include just about anything; basically, a woman stops at nothing to get revenge on her cheating husband. In a film described as “supernatural horror” this could mean just about anything from ghosts to full-bore demons and beyond from there. Think of how screwed up your weekend would be if your wife called in a favor from a couple ghosts or demons or something who hung around whilst you were cheating on her.

Worse, imagine how awkward that’d be to explain to your mistress: “Jeepers, honey, I really enjoy the thought of cheating on my wife with you, but there’s this darn archangel with a flaming sword outside the motel and he’s looking REALLY disapproving!”

It’s expected to be delivered sometime this November, so we’ll have a bit of a wait on our hands, but for some serious horror hottie packed into a plot with all that possibility, I think it could well be worth it.

(Sarah Carter)

(Arielle Kebbel)