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Three More For Ashley Laurence

(Ashley Laurence)

Remember when I was talking about Ashley Laurence’s work in Red not so long ago?  Well, she hasn’t just stopped there—apparently she’s got THREE MORE films currently in progress.

Just announced is a little title called Bump, where she’ll be starring alongside Saw alumnus Tobin Bell in a title all about a serial killer back from the grave with an army of something called Treehuggers.  Not much word on what Treehuggers are, exactly, but my guess is they sure ain’t a bunch of hippies.

She’ll also be neck-deep in a crime drama called Small Time Crime with makeup virtuoso and acting…um…actor Tom Savini, as well as a second horror title called Memories of Murder, where two sisters will be pursued by a serial killer.

More on Bump and Memories of Murder when I’ve got it to give, folks, but until then the future’s looking bright for Ashley Laurence!

Ashley Laurence and Old Scratch


Ashley Laurence, whom you might remember from the earliest Hellraiser series–you know, back before it became a semi-coherent sequel machine that went straight to video and stayed there?–has a new and interesting plan for us in 2008.

You remember that old concept that said if you play a record backwards, you get satanic messages?  Well, pretty much everyone proved that concept was so much baloney that even Berkeley Breathed made fun of it back in the days of Bloom County.  But Ashley Laurence plans to buck that trend with the upcoming “Old Scratch”, that’s going to do the exact same thing.  An old has-been musician is off on a journey through his past, and doing it by playing his records backward.  Ostensibly, what he finds on the reversed records will do a whole lot of damage and give us all ninety-odd minutes of stuff to watch.

But it takes some serious sack to make a movie in 2008 out of a concept that was mostly debunked in 1988.  And bringing in Rob Schneider (Yeah, he’s in there too!) is a decision that makes me wonder if this is some giant cinematic kick to the balls in waiting.

Well, at any rate, we should find out soon–Old Scratch has a 2008 release date, and with horror hottie Ashley Laurence running things, well…we may be in for a surprise.